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What is Lousiana Volleyball's Allstar Elite?


Louisiana Volleyball hosts volleyball clubs in Metro New Orleans/Northshore, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette, LA.

The variables we use to form teams in each city take into account the athlete’s age, experience, skill, commitment and their desired level of participation. Overall, it is our desire to offer programs to all athletes that appeal to a variety of needs, including seasonal convenience, goals and aspirations, as well as, budgetary concerns.


However, it order to compete on a National scale and allow our top athletes the visibility and possibilities of collegiate careers, we have found that we need to combine the most talented and most dedicated players from around Louisiana.  Unfortunately and traditionally, our demographics in Southern Louisiana do not lend themselves to field the highest level teams with each player playing in their correct positions.  These variable are what it takes to compete with teams from the much larger areas (Chicago, Atlanta, etc).


To answer this concern and to compete nationally with the top teams from larger areas, our Louisiana ALL-STAR/ ELITE program was born.


Our Louisiana All-Star Elite Teams have achieved much success over the years. We have competed in the semi-finals and finals of National Championships and many of our All-Star Elite players have earned great scholarships from prominent colleges at every level.  In D1, our athletes have received scholarships from  LSU, UL, Southeastern, Baylor, University of Arkansas, University of Pennsylvania, Notre Dame, Purdue, Belmont, Tulane, Northwestern, Nicholls State, Virginia Tech, ULM and USM.  In D2-NAIA, our athletes have also gone to other prestigious programs, known for their volleyball programs, as well as academics….such as, Eastern New Mexico University, Christian Brothers University, Millsaps, UT Tyler, Rhodes, Loyola, Mississippi College and Belhaven.


Our Louisiana Volleyball’s All-Star Elite have tryouts on the day after the State Championships in Baton Rouge.  At the conclusion of the tryouts we determine the makeup of each of the teams in each age division.  The All-Star Elite Teams practice site may vary. If a team has the majority of its players residing in a particular area, that is where they will practice. If the players are equally divided among each city then the practice site will be centrally located.


Let the numbers and achievements speak for themselves.  We have 70 athletes that have been blessed with college careers at 15 Division 1 schools and 9 D2, D3 and NAIA schools.



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