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LAVB Scholarships



HOW IT WORKS: Louisiana Volleyball and VIA (Volleyball Institute of America) have a scholarship account set up with TADS. The only way to apply for this scholarship is to go online and complete the application. Once you have applied for this scholarship, TADS will review all applications and will let us now the percentage that the applicant qualifies for in regard to scholarship/financial aid.


TADS will ask you for a code.  The code represents the team you were selected on.  Please see below for the Team Codes.

VB001:  Youth Team

VB002:  Louisiana Team

VB003:  Regional

VB004:  National and Elite Teams



  1. You will need the TADS application worksheet

  2. You will need to go to

  3. Go to Financial Aid Assessment

  4. Create a user name and password

  5. Choose Louisiana as the State

  6. Choose Covington as the City

  7. Under Select your School Choose Louisiana Volleyball (LAVB) Apply for the 2017-2018 School year

  8. Continue with your application

  9. Scholarship registration will close on December 5, 2016 at 3pm


FINANCIAL FACTS: If awarded a scholarship, all money goes directly to the player account to offset club fees. There is a one‐time application fee of $34.00.  This fee goes directly to TADS, which is a third party agency that determines need based scholarships.  If it is determined that you do not qualify for a scholarship the application fee will not be refunded.




Phone: 800 – 477 – 8237

Hours: 8:00AM – 6:00PM, Monday ‐ Friday


Please note at the parent meeting a deposit will be collected from each player.  If a player is applying for a need-based scholarship, then the deposit will be what is listed on your financial contract.  The maximum amount an applicant could receive is $500 and  the award scholarship will be applied to the remainder of the dues only.  Scholarships are never given for uniforms or travel fees. 


If awarded a scholarship you agree to the following.

  • Player or parent will agree to work 10-20 hrs total at a LAVB-VIA event, LAVB Hosted tournament, LAVB Launch, Uniform fitting, Uniform Work Day, Tryout, or Camp (Fall Training, Spring Training, or Summer Training,)


Scholarship registration will close on December 5 , 2016 at 3pm


Please note that Scholarship Award Letter will be going out by January 6th.  Be prepared to pay all fee if you do not qualify for a scholarship.


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