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LVL High Performance Power League



High School Tryouts are just around the corner are you ready?


Prepare to show yourself the best you can at your school tryouts.  We offer tryout/skills preparation to help you accomplish this.


We are offering a 7 sessions of training and competition with the LVL/Asics Elite Coaches. 


Tryout/skill prep is designed for beginners to the advanced levels and will offer instruction and training of the new high-performance skills and techniques of passing, setting, attacking, serving, and defense. Emphasis is placed on developing court movement and ball control, as well as game competition. A variety of drills, games and competition will be used to put these techniques into practice.  


Players are divided by age, skill level, and experience onto courts, which provide the appropriate learning environment.


Dates: March 15, March 22, March 29, April 12, April 19, April 26, May 3


Due to inclement weather LVL High Performance Power League has been cancelled for tonight, May 3rd.  

We have rescheduled the session for Thursday, May 4th from 2-4pm.

Day and Time:  Wednesdays 7-9 pm


Age Groups: 14-17 year olds


Where:  YOUNGSVILLE Sport Complex

            801 Savoy Rd, Youngsville, LA 70592

Cost:  $60 (1 sessions no t-shirt)

Online registration will close on 4/11/17 at 12pm.  

If you missed online registration please arrive early at Youngsville Sports Complex to complete registration forms.



Contact Power League Director(s) Jessica Burke/Julie Dawson

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