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        Information for College Coaches


Welcome to the Louisiana Volleyball Club!  Every year LAVB graduates a number of girls who are fine athletes and students. Their experience with LAVB and their high school programs has prepared them to contribute to collegiate volleyball programs.

We look forward to providing you with timely information to streamline the recruiting process.  We continue to update our our team webpages and player profiles – please contact us if you are looking for team or player information that you cannot find online.


We will also advise you if a player is interested in your program.  Please check our team pages and click on athletes you may be interested in.  There you will find player profiles and links to their videos, if available.


For more information, please contact Club Director Jimmy Miranda at 985-778-8817 or


      Information for Players and Parents


Are you looking for volleyball scholarship information?  Please start with the NCAA guide for college-bound athletes in the link section below.  It’s a great document for any athlete and his/her parents to review.  We have put together a summary of timelines, definitions, and links for you, but do not forget about LAVB resources available to you.

  • The below articcles are a great starting point!

  • Please review the following 2015 Recruiting Calendar for appropriate times to talk to college coaches.

  • Still have questions? Discuss them with your coach and he or she will answer them or direct you to someone that can.

  • If your daughter is in high school, work with your team manager to complete a player profile to be included on LAVB’s website for college recruiters.

  • Did you miss the Louisiana Launch Recruiting Seminar???  Contact your coach or set up a meeting with Master Coach Larry Smoot for more details.


What to expect or what you should do as a prospective college student athlete:

As a Sophomore in high school:

Recruiting Material – You may receive brochures for camps and questionnaires.

Telephone Calls

  • You can call the coach at your own expense.

  • Coach cannot call you.

Off-Campus Contact – Not Permitted.

Official Visits – Not Permitted.

Unofficial Visits – Unlimited.


As a Junior in High School:

Recruiting Material – You can begin to receive recruiting material and information from the coach on September 1st.

Telephone Calls

  • You can call the coach at your own expense.

  • You can receive one per week starting July 1st after your Junior year.

  • Telephone calls are unlimited during contact periods.

Off-Campus Contact - Allowed July 1st after your Junior year.

Official Visits – Not Permitted.

Unofficial Visits – Unlimited.


As a Senior in high school:

Recruiting Material – You can receive material and information from the coach.

Telephone Calls

  • You can call the coach at your own expense.

  • Coach can call you once per week starting July 1st.

  • Telephone calls are unlimited during contact periods.

Off-Campus Contact – Allowed but no more than 3 times.

Official Visits

  • You can start official visits on the opening day of your classes.

  • You get one per college and a maximum of 5 visits to D1, and unlimited visits to D2, D3 and NAIA schools.

Unofficial visits – Unlimited.


Important Links:

Recruiting 101 Article

Recruiting tips from USA Volleyball

2015/2016 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete(There is a free .pdf download file available!)

NCAA Scholarships FAQs

2015-2016 NCAA Division I and II Indoor Volleyball Recruiting Calendar

2015-2016 NCAA BEACH Volleyball Recruiting Calendar

NCAA Volleyball

NAIA Volleyball

Junior College Volleyball


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